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Manhattan Heat Wave ๐Ÿฅต

So this weekend I packed my bags and headed to the scorching big Apple! Y’all, let me tell you about 98 degrees and 110 real feel... 

While most of my days were spent, ducking from one store to the next ‘fake shopping’ just to steal AC. Yes, that happened. I of course got in some actual shopping... naturally. While, Tory Burch swept me and my credit card away at Brookfield Place in Hudson Yards.... Tribeca Target was my gem find! 3 tanks, 2 tops and jeans... all under $100. Target for the win! 
I hope y’all stayed cool! Because I walked around with sweats stains through Tribeca... but I wasn’t alone so... 

And finally I can’t leave out the FOOD!!! I think I ate my weight in Ramen. Actually I’m quite confident that I did. My favorite spot was - The Smithnear Sutton place. Loved the ambiance! 

I eat my cake first. Xx Ashleyjo

Love Self ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿป

“Love Self” ~ many of you may not know, but behind my smile I struggled for many years over appearance and acceptance • no more • nothing is more common than the wish to be remarkable... be remarkable by being ‘you’. Be kind, paitent, loving and all accepting of yourself. 
I eat my cake first and you should too.  Xx Ashleyjo